The Millennial Woes project was originally centred on a YouTube channel and latterly two ancillary channels, but was banned from that platform on the 22nd of February 2021 for “multiple or severe violations” of their hate speech policy.

That is a good entrée into what MW was all about in the first place: the world is sick. But the sickness is conscious, powerful and self-defending, so, if you try to talk about it, it will attack you. Whatever platforms you use to talk about it, it will get you banned from. Thus, in the very act of trying to warn people that the world is sick, I inadvertently proved that it is.

I was one of the very first. Inspired by my example or “red-pilled” by my videos, other people got involved and created their own YouTube channels, to talk about the same fundamental issue. In time, most of them got banned. I pruned my old content and toned down my message, and managed to stay on the platform for a considerable time - but eventually it was my turn to be banned as well. It happened on the same day as the banning of a fellow dissident, Way of the World - this “coincidence” again demonstrates that the sickness is conscious and not acting randomly at all.

Here are some pages regarding the project:
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